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Recovery Techniques: Can Crossfitters and Kelly Starrett at Mobility WOD be on to something with Muscle Flossing
Muscle Flossing: Truly Dishing out Pain

Muscle Flossing, a New Technique for an Athlete’s Recovery: “It will suck, get over it, just do it!” by Chris Patterson Recovery is everything. It’s a major misconception that muscle growth occurs during training. Training is merely the stimulus that causes damage to the muscles. The repair of that damage causes muscle growth, which occurs during recovery. Recovery comes from rest, but the question I have been trying to answer is whether recovery can come solely from...

Why Train with Power?
Is the Price of Power worth it for the Average Joe Athlete

Personal Experience with Power Meters. I’ve now trained with power for 4 years. I first purchased a virtual trainer that provided power during my winter training sessions.  Now, I also have a wheelset made with a PowerTap Hub; and recently purchased a Stages Crank Arm for my road bike. TACX VR Trainer. As juggling riding and work became a more tenuous balance, winter training sessions turned into a twice weekly occurrence regardless of the season (not something I recommend, unless...

D2 Recipe
Coconut Carob/Chocolate Clusters

Coconut Carob/Chocolate Clusters   We recently held our D2 Racing Christmas Party. I whipped up a few recipes, and was equally astounded by the dishes each teammate brought. The highlight for me was asparagus wrapped with prosciutto and goat cheese. I lack the patient, attention-span, and skill—plain and simple. Given my lack in skills, my dishes are always a cluster-f@#k of items in the kitchen. I use three simple rules: (1) find a base ingredient, (2) add desirable spices, and (3)...

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