Chris Patterson

Chris Patterson

Chris started riding in 2003 and has been racing mountain bikes since 2006.  He quickly progressed while always advocating the sport along the way.  Chris went from Beginner Class to Expert Class in only 3 years with an overall 1st Place in the Sport Class for the 2008 Michigan Mountain Bike Championship Point Series and an overall 2nd Place in the Expert Class for the 2009 Michigan Mountain Bike Championship Point Series.

In the Stable: Niner Air9 custom spec'd with Niner carbon fork, Specialized Epic, Oryx T-Line 500 Race MTB (custom built-up for cyclocross), Fuji Roubaix Road Bike (custom built-up)
In the Closet: K2 World Piste w/ G3's; 1980's pink Tele's, Fischer Neon Green Race xc-skis, Crispi XR Tele-Boots, Atlas 9 32" snowshoes, blue/white Mizuno running shoes with laces

Team Positions: Racer, Club Rider, Self-taught Nutritionist, Co-Manager

Other Interests

Besides graduating from Michigan State Law School and working out in the "real world", Chris constantly tries to perfect the world around him.  A few of these things include teaching himself how to roast his own coffee; produce his own nutrient bars for riding and racing; re-welding an old steel frame with a new head tube to fit the newer 1 1/8" forks; and help manage and startup this cycling team.

Career Highlights

- 2010 Top 50 Place at Iceman Cometh Challenge in Pro division
- 2010 Top 50 Place in National Ultra Endurance Race (Lumberjack 100 mile)
- 2010 Advanced and racing in Elite class for XC events
- 2010 Finished his first National Ultra Endurance Race (Cohutta 100 mile)

- 2009 2nd Place Overall for Expert class in MMBA CPS
- 2009 3rd Place in B class at Cyclocross event with his single-speed 26" MTB bike

- 2008 1st Place Overall for Sport class in MMBA CPS
- 2008 6 xc events with a place of 3rd or better in sport class

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