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Coconut Carob/Chocolate Clusters

Coconut Carob/Chocolate Clusters


We recently held our D2 Racing Christmas Party. I whipped up a few recipes, and was equally astounded by the dishes each teammate brought. The highlight for me was asparagus wrapped with prosciutto and goat cheese. I lack the patient, attention-span, and skill—plain and simple. Given my lack in skills, my dishes are always a cluster-f@#k of items in the kitchen. I use three simple rules: (1) find a base ingredient, (2) add desirable spices, and (3) mix and cook it all in the same dish for easy clean-up. 


This principle is equally applicable to deserts. I love chocolate and espresso, that’s a no brainer.  So, I started with 100% chocolate and ground dark-roast coffee. I added both in a bowl with cinnamon, cayenne powder, coconut oil and coconut flakes. Boom! That’s it.  I don’t measure either, so you’ll have to go by taste in the bowl, then throw it all in candy molds and toss it in the freezer!


List of Ingredients:


100% coco

100% Herman Boys Espresso Roast (Rockford, MI specialty)

Coconut Flakes

Coconut Oil (prefer 100% cold-pressed)

A few dashes of cayenne

A teaspoon or so of cinnamon

A teaspoon or so of carob powder (add’s some sweetness not found in 100% coco powder)




Warm coconut oil until liquid, power over ingredients, mash into candy molds, throw in freezer.


Wait 15 minutes, then start devouring!

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