Health Considerations for 2013

Guidelines for 2013

2013 Considerations for a Healthier You:

After constantly reading medical literature and testing different protocols on my own, there are a few simple guidelines that I have learned which should assist in daily food preparation. Many individuals get caught up on certain diet regimes, sticking to them religiously. I am a believer that the better view is to be open and read every diet regime out there, then take the parts from each diet you believe will work in your life. For instance, my diet tests have ranged from fully vegetarian, a stint on raw food, splurging with smoothies, to paleo, atkins and the like. In the end, I found advantages and disadvantages to each diet. So what has been my final choice of diet to continue on with? None of these. Why? Because each diet had a component that I don’t believe works with my lifestyle and genetic makeup which I found out by testing them.

For instance, I read Brandon Brazier’s book (awesome read) and started focusing on the alkalinity of my food, eliminating meat, dairy and the like. However, one mainstay of Brazier is nuts.  I quickly learned the high amounts of Omega 6 fats from the nuts, hemp seed, etc. were too much for me. I also can’t eat 19 almonds like Brazier suggests for a snack. I’ll eat the entire pack and wish I owned more. I like the idea of dehydrating certain foods, eating coconut and focusing on alkalinity. So while I discontinued eating like Brazier, I certainly focus on the alkalinity of foods after hard training days, placing apple cider vinegar in my blended drinks (which I started doing after reading Rich Roll’s book) and eating copious amounts greens.

I also went through a sprint of making smoothies after following Rich Roll. Blending breakfast and conserving energy (an idea Brazier hones in on) seem super logical. Fruit also seems healthy. I did it for 30 days (I always stick with something for a month before I reassess whether I should continue). The result was gaining 4 lbs. Why? Fruit to my body is like eating candy. I don’t respond well. So eating a fruit and veggie smoothie caused a sugar rollercoaster which did not go well while I typed away at my desk and also caused the infamous 2:00 laziness.

In the end, what did I learn from 2013? Make the “youdiet”. The diet that works for creating a healthier lifestyle for you. Look at everything out there, test it, and take away the things that work.

For generalizations, I’ll throw some ideas out there which I strongly believe in::

  • Eat meat, vegetables and drink water (vegantarism is possible, but appears to require supplements or very careful consideration in daily nutrient intake)
  • Eat grassfed meat and organic vegetables if possible
  • Enjoy high quality teas and coffees to void of toxins, but don’t overdue caffeine (research adrenal fatigue if interested)
  • Eliminate wheat, eat whole grains if you so choose
  • Limit the use of products with labels
  • Go read the top 5 diet regimes and decipher a program
  • Consider eliminating dairy, if not, consider grassfed raw dairy products
  • Avoiding eating too much flour products regardless of gluten sensitivity or not
  • Eliminate sugar and artificial sugars
  • Avoid scientifically crafted fats such as shortening, margarine and the like
  • Consider planning meals on the weekends or creating large amounts at once and saving it for later
  • If saving food, don’t store in plastic, especially if large temperature changes will occur prior to heating (i.e., microwaving your leftovers)
  • Focus on your food, but realize the importance of how hormones can affect fat storage
  • Realize it is possible to over exercise and eliminate your body’s ability to lean out and decrease excess fat
  • Consider getting blood test profiles now and then in 30 to 90 days (also provides for additional channel of advice from your M.D.)
  • Eat three meals a day if your body is already stressed
  • If not stress, consider intermittent fasting
  • Watch less TV and spend time socializing with your environment and the people around you

Have a great 2013, I know D2Racing is setting up for a perfect 2013.

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