D2Racing Team Bamboo Shirt

D2Racing Bamboo T Shirt Front Are you sick of wearing the normal cotton tee (t-shirt)? There is no reason you have to continue to purchase mediocre t-shirts that trap unpleasant heat, feel heavy and restrictive and trap sweat and the human odor. It's time to switch to a bamboo tee. Bamboo tees are breathable and weightless, offering a great tee to sleep in, workout in, throw under you dress shirt or, most importantly, head out on the town. While you are at it, why not rock the subdued minimalist design of a tree. Such symbol acknowledges the opportunities for growth in life and the experiences that every person deserves to have and can have. Now take that first step out of your cubicle lifestyle by purchasing this tee. From there, the opportunities our limitless. Evening opening the package upon arrival may be a new experience.

Enough said and I'm sure you've already stopped reading and made your purchase of one bamboo tee shirt that shouts growth, opportunities, and traveling your own path. You won't be disappointed in a bamboo tee.

Onno Bamboo Short Sleeve T-shirtBuy yours today!

  • Kick ass subtle tree design
  • Breathable and weightless
  • Sizes: S-XL with limited quantities

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