Size Does Matter 29'er MTB Shirt

Size Does Matter Mtb T Shirt Are you sick of wearing the same old t-shirt to your mountain bike (MTB) races?  Are you sick of people asking you if your bike has 29" tall tires?  Are you sick of your friends telling you that they are faster on their 26er's even though you stomp them everytime?  Then you have finally found the t-shirt you've been looking for.  This no holds bar message creatively tells the onlookers or your most annoying racing partner that you're rocking 29" tall tires and your damn proud of it.  This 50/50 cotton blend t-shirt sends the clear message that it is not the legs or the long hours suffering on the trainer, it is just the damn tires.  Plain and Simple, "SIZE DOES MATTER." Why waste time fielding questions before, after the race, or when your out on the town on why your so fast.  Its not any crazy interval or supplement, it's 29" of pure speed.

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  • 50/50 Glidan Short Sleeve T-shirt
  • One bad ass slogan of "SIZE DOES MATTER"
  • Slogan followed by the 29" tall tire
  • Sizes: S-M with limited quantities
  • Color: Black with White/Green Text (Printed on Front only)

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