Stampede Die & Engineering Tour

There are many people that come together to support this team.  It has been a constant goal of this team to highlight and bring notice to our sponsors.  In furthering this goal, I toured one of our main sponsors’ facility---Stampede Die & Engineering.  

Adam Swann, co-owner of Stampede and fellow teammate, provided me the entire tour.  I asked as many questions as possible to understand the manufacturing that occurs and the services provided at its facility.  Needless to say, I left and my brain hurt.  Rather than provide my own disjointed summary, Stampede’s website provides the following description:

At Stampede Die and Engineering we are committed to serving a diverse group of industries, with a common goal: Quality, delivered on time.  Whether you are a Tier 1 automotive supplier in need of a plastic or soft trim tooling package, a metal stamping die producer needing large capacity machine work done, or a small shop in need of CNC turning, Stampede has a Team Member that knows your business.  

The tour was amazing.  One of the important items to quickly conclude is that Stampede is involved in making tools that then create an end user product that you or I would be familiar with.  For instance, Stampede’s services include creating large tools for the automotive industries that are operated on presses.  The tools will then stamp out the headliner in your car or cut and shape the firewall that rides between your dash and your engine bay.


They do a whole host of other customized applications.  

They do these services with a whole host of amazing machinery.  Here a mix of the numerous bits and cutting tips around the place used for machining out large blocks of steal.  All of those bits go in some very impressive machines. 


In the background is Stampede’s large press, which I think might almost pick up my car and drop it.


Stampede’s facility now consists of two warehouse size structures across the street from each other.  Both structures have some very cool apparatuses inside for developing products for their customers. 

One of the end products created are the form tools to create headliners.  Below are some completed and ready to be shipped headliner stamps.  As you can see from my tour, Stampede Die & Engineering is really amazing, and something that a lot of us might not ever realize or see.  Next time you have a need for a little machining be sure to call Stampede.

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